Luxury Experience

Villa del Borgo

The Gold Experience

A.MO.LA.VI.TA. was born from the volcanic mind of Alessandro Pallavidini, a goldsmith entrepreneur who wants to send a positive message to the world by means of a path leading to the discovery of jewellery, beauty, and Italian excellence.

PALLAVIDINI, one of the oldest goldsmith companies in Valenza, is ready to welcome you to the exclusive Gold Experience through which you will discover how a piece of jewellery is created. This is a guided tour, the first and only one of its kind in the world, during which you can learn about the production phases through installations and videos, and touch the equipment, metals, and precious stones.

In addition, inside the Company you can visit the Small Goldsmith Museum, the Art Room with the family paintings, an expression of the union between jewellery and creativity. This will be followed by the Surprise Room dedicated to Childhood: that’s right, the dominant theme of the PALLAVIDINI collections is the sphere, which brings women back to the authenticity and freedom of expression typical of children, who do not allow themselves to be conditioned or homologated, as the multinationals would like to impose.


The first tour of its kind

At the end of the tour, it will be possible to buy jewellery directly in the factory, being guided by the suggestions of Alessandra Acquarone Pallavidini, gemmology expert, Alessandro’s wife and icon of style and elegance. For bookings, email or call +39 0131 921515 or +39 324 7735023.

Price: € 150.00 single visit | € 250.00 visit for 2 to 6 people.